RI Prisma is a wholly-owned subsidiary
of TC, a publicly-held company
with sharestraded on B3 under the ticker TRAD3.

TC is an investor community with over half a million members registered. The platform offers market intelligence generated both by networking among thousands of investors, who share their investment ideas and exchange experiences ("crowd-sourced content"), as well as the provision of information related to the financial market in Brazil and the world. It also provides data analysis related to the macro scenario and the companies listed on the stock exchange that helps in better decision making. The third arm of the platform is financial education, with the offer of several courses (some of them free) for those who invest or want to start investing. The company's revenue is obtained through the sale of subscription plans, services and courses.

RI Prisma's customer portfolio includes a variety of capital companies, including public, closed capital, and investment funds. Such companies deal with classified information, which RI Prisma treats internally with segregation and total confidentiality, in accordance with the rules established in its nine pillars of information security:

Data and security are sides of the same coin

With RI Prisma solutions, you will find exceptional performance in managing and preserving all shared data with complete accountability and security, allowing you to devote your attention to your company's strategic operations while we eliminate any security breaches.

How we guarantee the security of your data

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